Chinese Grand Prix 2025

Date: March 21, 2025 - March 23, 2025
City: Shanghai, China
Circuit: Shanghai International Circuit

Located near the heart of Shanghai, the Chinese Grand Prix is an attractor for the city. The Shanghai International Circuit hosts the event among plenty of accommodations and entertainment. 

From golf clubs to museums and an assortment of restaurants, spectators will have many ways to fill the time during race weekend. The many districts around Shanghai offer their own culture, entertainment, dining, and accommodations. Though the circuit isn’t known for its on-site activities, the city can keep spectators occupied before and after the race.

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ABOUT THE Chinese Grand Prix

If any Chinese city were fit to host the Formula 1 Grand Prix, it would be the historical yet modern city of Shanghai. The race unfolds at the Shanghai International Circuit, a modern-styled venue known for its medium to slow corners. The architecture of Shanghai tends to separate it from the other Grand Prix locations, making it an eclectic site to enjoy during the three-day Formula 1 Grand Prix experience.


The sophisticated city turns into a capital for entertainment and thrills as race day nears, but it never degrades the overt beauty that Shanghai has to offer. It’s difficult not to get lost in the city’s mingling of old and new. In fact, it’s part of the charm that keeps the Chinese Grand Prix from losing popularity and attendance.


The race will surely take up the whole day but there are two more days to fill with Formula 1 fun and excitement and exploration of the stunning city of Shanghai. There is no shortage of things to entertain, with a trip to Bund, a waterfront region in the city, high on that list.


In the midst of getting sucked into Formula 1 fever, attendees will also find themselves pulled toward the city’s many offerings. It’s a difficult tug of war that will make anyone wish they had more time to dedicated to exploring Shanghai.


When not engrossed in the Grand Prix, it’s worth exploring the city’s array of tall architecture and intermingled normal-sized builds. Restaurants, shops, museums, and so much more can be pinpointed throughout the city. Sites like the Yuyuan Garden, the City God Temple, the Shanghai Museum, and Nanjina Road, known for its abundant shops.


For an overview of the Grand Prix events and to get an unforgettable glimpse of the city, there’s the Shanghai Tower. The 632 m high tower boasts an observation deck at 561 m that can look out over the city. One may think it would be difficult to spot the Grand Prix festivities, but just follow the boisterous crowd.


The Shanghai International Circuit runs 5.451 km and hosts a 56-lap Grand Prix. The total race distance is just over 305 km with a potential maximum speed of 327 kph. The 2019 season marks the ninth year the Shanghai International Circuit has been a permanent fixture in the F1 Grand Prix.

Spectators get to enjoy so many facets of their stay in Shanghai, from the abundance of things to do to the Grand Prix festivities. Helping boost the fun and thrills of the entire weekend is Shanghai’s mild weather, which, during April, will be comfortable and tempered so as to help the race go of smooth.



  • 3-star: ¥349 ($50USD)
  • 4-star: ¥524 ($75USD)
  • 5-star: ¥699 ($100USD)


  • High of 19°C (67°F)
  • Low of 11°C (52°F)


The currency used in China is the Chinese Yuan. Here are some common conversions:

  • United States Dollar: ¥1 =  $.14USD — $1USD = ¥6.99
  • Euro: 1¥ = .13EUR — 1EUR = ¥7.68
  • British Pound: 1¥ = £.11GBP — £1GBP = ¥8.94


The primary language spoken in China is Mandarin, but Shanghai uses a dialect called Shanghainese. In Shanghai English is widely spoken as Shanghai is a very modern city and with English education starting at an early age.



During race weekend, spectators can:

  • Walk along the riverfront boardwalk, the Bund
  • Shop along Nanjing Road
  • View art at the China Art Museum
  • Visit the Shanghai Auto Museum

The Shanghai nightlife provides entertainment throughout the weekend at venues like:

  • M1nt
  • Vue Bar

A look at the region’s nature and local history can be found at:

  • Yuyuan Garden
  • People’s Park
  • Shanghai Museum


Largest Nearby Cities

  • Suzhou
    • 84 km (52 mi) to Shanghai
    • 1h 38 min drive
  • Jiaxing
    • 100  km (62 mi) to Shanghai
    • 1h 29 min drive
  • Hangzhou
    • 176 km (109 mi) to Shanghai
    • 2h drive


Circuit Name: Shanghai International Circuit

Track Location: Shanghai, located on the outskirts of the Jiading District between Xijingquan and Dongjia Corner

Distance from the Closest Airport: 59.8 km (37.2 mi) to Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Distance from Downtown: 35 km (22 mi) to Downtown Shanghai

Year Opened: 2004

First Grand Prix: 2004


Funded via the local government and Shanghai Jiushi Group, the Shanghai International Circuit was designed to draw attention to the city. The circuit features unique paddock facilities for individual F1 teams. Upon completion, the Shanghai International Circuit had one of the longest straights measured at 1.2 km (.75 mi). Though it’s slim on extras, the track is known for having exceptional views. 

The circuit is designed after the Chinese character shang, or the first character in “Shanghai.”