Monaco Grand Prix 2025

Date: May 23, 2025 - May 25, 2025
City: Monaco, Monaco
Circuit: Circuit de Monaco

Surrounding the street circuit of Monaco is the harbor city that’s been hosting the Grand Prix since 1929. The narrow course runs through the streets of Monaco, causing some streets to close for the duration of the weekend.

The heart of Monaco and Monte Carlo offer spectators the entertainment and accommodations needed for race weekend. Traveling beyond the city won’t be necessary as historical and natural sights help to fill the downtime of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

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ABOUT THE Monaco Grand Prix

For the 77th year, the Grand Prix will set its sights on the Monte Carlo city of Monaco. Like the 76 races before it, the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix on May 26 is sure to match (if not exceed) the thrills and excitement expected of the city. Fuelling much of the adrenaline that courses through Monaco during the race weekend is the layout of its home circuit, Circuit de Monaco. It’s the only circuit that can be enjoyed from the comfort of a yacht parked in the middle of the race.


The challenging track has proven to be difficult one to master for even the most prolific drivers with slow turns and a design where the slightest mistake can be a fatal error. Narrow passages provide few overtake possibilities while tight turns have proven hazardous to many. Winning a race at Circuit de Monaco is no easy feat, and the standings of the 2018 Grand Prix prove it.


Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo completed the race in just under 1:43 and was trailed by Sebastian Vettel of Germany by 7 seconds. Lewis Hamilton’s 10 second delay behind Vettel was uncharacteristic of the United Kingdom driver, who fell victim to Monaco’s difficult circuit. It’s every driver’s dream to take the big win at Monaco.


The circuit cuts through the Principality’s finest streets and delivers on views that threaten to distract spectators from the exciting race at hand. A beautiful city surrounding the circuit drives home one of the biggest draws of the Monaco Grand Prix. It’s not just the unexpected thrills of the complicated circuit; it’s the stunning sites of its home city.


For 77 years, many of the same sites and locations have been entertaining spectators when not engrossed in the Grand Prix. Monaco may be the world’s second smallest country, but it’s a destination that travelers have been flocking to, even outside of the Formula 1 Grand Prix season. Stunning beaches along the French Riviera are a traveler’s dream while the Monte-Carlo Casino poses a unique challenge for those in attendance.


Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore Monaco City, the Oceanographic Museum and its look at aquatic life, Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Saint Nicholas Cathedral, and the vibrant Japanese Garden of Monaco, complete with a tea house and nicely landscaped pond.


On top of delivering on a truly rousing race, the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix allows travelers the opportunity to explore a truly stunning city in a most fascinating country. If the thrills of the race get your heart pumping, the sights and sounds of Monte Carlo will help sooth it.



  • 3-star: 1,360EUR/night ($1,500USD)
  • 4-star: 1,813EUR/night ($2,000USD)
  • 5-star: 3,627EUR/night ($4,000USD)


  • High of 20°C (68°F)
  • Low of 14°C (58°F)


Monaco uses the Euro (EUR). Here are some common conversions:

  • United States Dollar: 1EUR =  $1.10USD — $1USD = 0.91EUR
  • Canadian Dollar: 1EUR = $1.48CAD — $1CAD = 0.68EUR
  • British Pound: 1EUR = £0.86GBP — £1GBP = 1.16EUR


The primary language spoken in Monaco is French, but English is also widely spoken.



Monaco is a city full of entertainment and history. Spectators will want to try their luck at the Casino de Monte Carlo or enjoy the nightlife at La Rascasse. They can also see:

  • Prince’s Palace of Monaco
  • Saint Nichola Cathedral
  • Exotic Garden of Monaco
  • Casino Square

Not far from Monaco, spectators will find Nice, which features:

  • Nice Castle Hill
  • Galeria Jean Renoir
  • Musee Matisee
  • Blue Beach

Along the French Riviera, sightseeing can be enjoyed at:

  • Saint Raphael
  • St. Paul-de-Vence
  • Sanremo


Largest Nearby Cities

  • Monte-Carlo
    • 1 km (.6 mi) to Monaco
    • 3 min drive
  • Saint Roman
    • 2 km (1 mi) to Monaco
    • 6 min drive
  • Fontvieille
    • <2 km (<1 mi) to Monaco
    • 5 min drive


Circuit Name: Circuit de Monaco

Track Location: The Streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine near the harbor

Distance from the Closest Airport: 18 km (11 mi) to Nice Cote d’Azur Airport

Distance from Downtown: The circuit is minutes from Downtown Monaco

Year Opened: 1928

First Grand Prix: 1950

The Circuit de Monaco is a street circuit that closes down certain streets of the city for Grand Prix weekend. Since its first use in 1928, the circuit has undergone many changes. The most recent alteration in 2004 widened the esplanade and added new stands.

Ayrton Senna is known for winning the Monaco Grand Prix more times than any other driver. He scored five consecutive victories from 1989 to 1993 on Circuit de Monaco.