Miami Formula 1 Circuit – All the details!

Since October 2012, United States Grand Prix spectators and drivers from all over the world have enjoyed the 3.426-mile circuit tucked away in the City of the Violet Crown. The Circuit of the Americas has been the nation’s home for its leg of the Formula One World Championship for nearly a decade, having replaced the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as the go-to source for F1 entertainment. Come 2022, however, the Circuit of the Americas won’t be the only track in the nation hosting Grand Prix events as Formula One is taking the race to Florida’s sunny east coast. 

The planned Miami Grand Prix is expected to join the 2022 Formula One calendar, but not as a replacement to the Texas race. In fact, both races are planned to run in 2022, though F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali states they “will keep them separate, in order to give the right space for both.” Whether that means Austin is soon on its way out or not is still up for debate, but it’s quite clear that emphasis will start falling upon the Miami race. But what exactly does that entail for drivers regarding the circuit they’ll be racing in. Those that grew accustomed to Austin’s turns will need to readjust to the Hard Rock Stadium Circuit, which will sit within the Miami Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium complex. 

What We Know About the Hard Rock Stadium Circuit

Circuit Length: 3.36 mi (5.41 km)

Straights: 3

Turns: 19

The space the Hard Rock Stadium Circuit sits on is no stranger to local and nationwide sports fanatics. Before Formula One even set eyes on the stadium, the venue hosted a pair of World Series, several rock concerts, and six Super Bowls. Located in Miami Gardens, the circuit will serve the local community through several programs, including inviting small businesses to take part in race weekend and arranging STEM education programs supported by Formula One.

Formula One’s official YouTube channel provided a virtual glimpse at the circuit’s layout, and the proposed track promises to deliver on ample thrills during race weekend. The corners are tight, forcing drivers to hug the wall and grass to overtake the competition. Narrow straightaways will create nail-biting fights for the podium as spectators cheer from the many grandstands.

It’s still a little too soon to tell what sort of entertainment will unfold around the circuit, but attendees can likely expect plenty of vendors scattered around Miami Gardens. There may even be plenty of space for interactive experiences and, of course, quite a bit of food options. 

Bringing the Race to Miami

Though the Formula One World Championship has been enjoying its run in Austin, Formula One President & CEO Stefano Domenicali noted the importance of expanding the race’s reach throughout the United States. He described it as a “key growth market,” and the addition of a second race in the nation to the championship would help take advantage of that growth. 

To bring the race to Miami, Formula One officials and representatives of the Hard Rock Stadium needed to come together with an idea that benefited both sides. Tom Garfinkel, the stadium’s Vice-Chairman, President & CEO, confirmed that the Hard Rock Stadium worked with Formula One and FIA officials to design a circuit that would best serve the spectator experience while being functional and driveable for the championship’s drivers.

How Will This Affect Other Races?

Though a new race and circuit in Miami could sound damning for the Austin race, there has been no word on pulling Texas from the championship schedule in 2022. If anything, Formula One officials may want to keep both running to, as stated earlier, expand their current market in the United States.

What’s most interesting is, after the reveal of the Miami Grand Prix, Roger Penske, owner of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, stepped forward, stating that he hasn’t ruled out a future with Formula One. Racing enthusiasts will recognize the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as the former home of the United States Grand Prix. From 2000 to 2007, Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) dominated the speedway, taking five of the eight possible victories in Indianapolis.

Depending on how popular the Miami Grand Prix and the Hard Rock circuit wind up being, it’s possible that a third race in the United States will be added to a future schedule. For now, spectators can enjoy the sunny skies over Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium to improve the chances of a return in 2023.

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