Upcoming: Formula 1’s 2024 Miami Grand Prix

2024 Miami Grand Prix, Ferrari

Ferrari Turns Blue and What to Expect during Race Weekend

As the Formula 1 circus gears up for the Miami Grand Prix, several intriguing storylines are emerging, including Ferrari’s unexpected shift from its iconic red to a striking blue livery. This year marks a special occasion for Ferrari as they celebrate 70 years of racing in North America, a journey that has been nothing short of spectacular.

The Miami Grand Prix promises to be an eventful race, with the track hosting its first Sprint weekend. The Miami International Autodrome, known for its challenging layout, has already shown it can deliver plenty of drama and unpredictability in qualifying and the race. Teams must adapt quickly, with only one practice session before the action begins.

Amidst the competitive atmosphere, Ferrari is set to make headlines with a unique livery change. For this event, the team has announced a special livery featuring two historic shades of blue: Azzurro La Plata and Azzurro Dino. This change is a nod to their rich history and a celebration of their legacy in North America.

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Ferrari’s Rich History 

The origins of these colors are deeply embedded in Ferrari’s history, dating back to the 1960s when the North American Racing Team (N.A.R.T.) sported a similar livery in the final races of the 1964 season. This was a political move by Enzo Ferrari, who withdrew his team from racing in Italy’s national red colors in protest against the sport’s governing body. That era’s blue and white colors are a tribute to those defiant moments.

Moreover, Ferrari’s decision to adorn their SF-24 car with these colors in Miami is not just about looking back. It’s a statement of heritage and innovation, blending their storied past with the dynamism of modern Formula 1. This choice also coincides with significant upgrades brought by other teams like McLaren and Mercedes, who are looking to capitalize on the unique challenges posed by the Miami circuit.

On the technical side, Ferrari’s engagement in this visual shift goes beyond aesthetics. It reflects a broader strategy to mark memorable events with distinct flair—a marketing genius that connects with fans and keeps the brand at the forefront of F1’s cultural discussions. It’s a clever blend of heritage and commercial strategy to reinforce Ferrari’s brand identity in key markets.

As we look forward to the race weekend, all eyes will be on Ferrari to see how this blue livery will fare on the track. It’s a rare deviation from their traditional red that fans and spectators are eager to see in action. The livery will be unveiled in Florida, just in time for the grand prix, adding excitement to the build-up.

This strategic yet respectful nod to their past, combined with the anticipation of competitive racing, sets the stage for a thrilling weekend in Miami. Whether you’re a die-hard Ferrari fan or just a lover of the sport, the Miami Grand Prix is shaping up to be a can’t-miss event, full of speed, color, and history. As we celebrate Ferrari’s bold move and look forward to an electrifying race, it’s clear that the 2024 Miami Grand Prix will be remembered not just for the outcomes on the track but also for the remarkable way Ferrari chose to honor its significant milestone in North America.

What to Expect at the Miami Grand Prix

The Miami Grand Prix, known for its vibrant atmosphere and challenging circuit, offers a unique experience. The track layout at the Miami International Autodrome is designed to test the limits of the drivers and provide spectacular racing. Fans can look forward to a packed schedule, including the second Sprint race of the season, which adds an extra layer of excitement before Sunday’s main event​. 

Enhancements and Entertainment

Following feedback from previous years, the event organizers have ramped up their efforts to enhance the spectator experience. This includes better access to viewing areas, improved food and beverage options, and increased capacity to accommodate up to 100,000 fans daily. Additionally, the Grand Prix will feature performances by top artists like Kaytranada and a host of fan activities throughout the weekend, ensuring that the event is about more than just racing​.

Getting There and Around

Miami Grand Prix

Located around the Hard Rock Stadium, the venue is well-connected by public transport, and driving is recommended due to expected congestion. For visitors, Miami offers more than just the race; the city’s rich cultural scene, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife provide plenty of entertainment outside the race times​. 


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