Formula 1’s 2024 Austrian Grand Prix Race Review 

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George Russel Win’s his First of the Season 

The 2024 Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring was a showcase of the intense competition that defines the F1 season. Max Verstappen’s initial dominance in the Sprint race was a sight to behold, but it was the unexpected triumph of George Russell in the main event that truly stole the show. This victory, his first of the season, was a moment that left everyone in the F1 world buzzing with excitement. The race underscored the fierce competition of the 2024 season, with Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri also delivering standout performances.

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Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying

Qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix was a thrilling affair , with the Red Bull Ring echoing the roar of the engines and the tension in the air. Max Verstappen showcased his prowess by securing pole position, edging out Lando Norris by a mere 0.025 seconds. George Russell, continuing his impressive form, qualified third, setting the stage for an exciting race weekend. The session was characterized by nail-bitingly tight margins and intense competition, with the top ten drivers separated by less than a second.

Verstappen’s pole position was his ninth of the season, and he demonstrated his ability to extract the maximum from his Red Bull car. Lando Norris’s performance was equally impressive, highlighting McLaren’s continued resurgence. George Russell’s third place put Mercedes in a solid position to challenge for the podium, while Oscar Piastri secured fourth, underlining McLaren’s competitive edge. The Ferraris, driven by Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, qualified fifth and sixth, showing solid pace but not matching the front runners.

Austrian Grand Prix Sprint Race

The Sprint race added another layer of excitement to the weekend. Verstappen converted his pole position into a victory, fending off intense challenges from both McLaren drivers. Oscar Piastri finished second, with Lando Norris in third. The Sprint race was marked by thrilling, heart-stopping wheel-to-wheel action, particularly between Verstappen and Norris, who briefly took the lead before Verstappen reclaimed it. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton finished fourth and fifth, respectively, showing Mercedes’ strength.

2024 Austrian Grand Prix Race Day

Race Start: The race start was a dramatic affair, with Verstappen maintaining his lead while Norris and Russell battled fiercely behind him. The first few laps saw intense competition, with the top drivers jostling for position. A collision between Verstappen and Norris on lap 10 changed the race dynamics, allowing Russell to take the lead. Verstappen suffered damage but continued while Norris dropped down the order.

Mid-Race Battles: George Russell capitalized on the incident to build a significant lead. The Ferraris of Leclerc and Sainz battled with Hamilton for the remaining podium spots, providing thrilling mid-race action. Strategic pit stops spiced up the race, with teams opting for various tire strategies to gain an advantage.

Strategic Decisions: The pit stops were crucial to the race outcome. Russell pitted early to cover off a potential undercut from his rivals, while Verstappen stayed out longer to try and regain lost ground. While recovering from his earlier collision, Norris opted for a two-stop strategy that allowed him to climb back into the top five.

Final Laps

As the race entered its final stages, Russell maintained his lead despite pressure from Leclerc and Hamilton. Verstappen, showing his resilience, managed to climb back to fourth, overtaking Norris and Sainz in the process. The final laps were a showcase of strategic brilliance and driving skill, with Russell managing his tyres perfectly to secure his first win of the season.

Oscar Piastri finished second, ahead of Carlos Sainz in third. There was a sizable gap back to Lewis Hamilton in fourth, while Verstappen crossed the line in fifth, retaining the position despite a 10-second penalty for the incident with Norris. Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen marked a strong performance for Haas by taking sixth and eighth respectively, with Sergio Perez of Red Bull sandwiched between them in seventh. Daniel Ricciardo claimed two points for Alpine in ninth, and Pierre Gasly rounded out the top ten.

Key Moments

  • Russell’s Victory: George Russell’s win was a significant milestone, showcasing his talent and Mercedes’ strategic acumen.
  • Verstappen’s Pole: Max Verstappen’s pole position and Sprint race victory underscored his dominance despite the main race challenges.
  • Mid-Race Collision: The collision between Verstappen and Norris was pivotal, reshaping the race dynamics.
  • Strategic Pit Stops: The varied pit stop strategies added intrigue and tactical depth to the race.

The 2024 Austrian Grand Prix was a testament to Formula 1’s excitement and unpredictability. Russell’s win and strong performances from Ferrari and McLaren made it a race to remember. As the season progresses, fans can look forward to more thrilling battles. Next, Formula 1 heads to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix from July 5 to 7, promising more high-octane action.

2024 Austrian Grand Prix Final Results

  1. George Russell (Mercedes) – 1:33:45.261
  2. Oscar Piastri (McLaren) – +2.389s
  3. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) – +4.157s
  4. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) – +10.157s
  5. Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing) – +12.482s (with 10-second penalty)
  6. Nico Hulkenberg (Haas)
  7. Sergio Perez (Red Bull Racing)
  8. Kevin Magnussen (Haas)
  9. Daniel Ricciardo (Alpine)
  10. Pierre Gasly (Alpine)


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